Company Overview

Set Point Laboratories, a part of Torre Industries, is an ISO 17025 accredited analytical chemistry lab. The laboratory holds a COR from the National Nuclear Regulator to handle and analyse radioactive isotopes.  In addition, Set Point laboratories currently has a Level 2 B-BBEE rating, verified as a value-adding supplier, resulting in 125% preferential procurement recognition. The laboratories employ highly qualified and motivated chemists who operate in world-class analytical facilities, thereby offering fully comprehensive and professional testing services.

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X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Non-destructive analytical technique used to determine a full range of light to heavy elements by pressed pellet or fused disc. Pressed pellet is a low cost test, suitable for large numbers of samples (usually ppm levels) where the matrix of the material is generally consistent.

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Sample Preparation

Analytical Sample Preparation is one of the most important steps in the analytical testing process. The goal is to achieve a homogenous sample or a sub-sample that is representative of the submitted material.

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Water Testing and Analysis

A market leader in the water testing field, Set Point Water Laboratory has proven to be every customer’s choice when it comes to analysis of ground, surface, drinking, waste and processed water just to mention a few.

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Mobile Laboratory

Set Point Laboratories have facilities in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique  and expanding their footprint to the rest of  Africa with services offered ranging from full testing laboratories to setting up and operating mine-site underground lab and mobile laboratory which require specific expertise and experience.Every customer is important to us regardless of their geographical location therefore if you cannot come to us, we will come to you.

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