A market leader in the water testing field, Set Point Water Laboratory has proven to be every customer’s choice when it comes to analysis of ground, surface, drinking, waste and processed water just to mention a few.
We serve a massive customer base from private individuals who might be concerned with the quality of borehole and municipal water supply to water industry consultants, water treatment companies, Mines, Wet industries, Local, Provincial and National Government as well as other laboratories that require our analytical laboratory services. 
Various internationally recognised techniques such as Photometric, Electrometric, Colometric, ICP-OES and ICP-MS and Enzyme Substrate are used to obtain the best possible results in Chemical and Microbiological analysis of water. Tests carried out include physical and aesthetic properties of water, nutrient analysis, macro and micro chemical determinants as well as general microbiological analysis.
Services offered include the chemical analysis of:
• Drinking water ,to test compliance with National Drinking Water Standards
• Environmental ,mine and surface water to test compliance to National Water Act
• Waste water, to test compliance to National Water Act as well as individual permit and licence agreement
• Industrial effluent, to test compliance to Municipal by-laws
Customers can expect the following:
• Accurate results
• Quick turnaround time 
• Reasonable prices
• User friendly reports
For a quick quotation on water testing and analytical laboratory solutions,  contact our highly qualified and friendly analysts who will not only assist you in selecting the appropriate tests but will advise you on water related problems and interpretation of results.
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